Hi, hello, and welcome!

Take a walk with me to find out a little more about who I am and what I do:

I am a writer, speaker, and scholar. Originally from Vienna, I have been working internationally for many years. Since 2012, I have been working in political communication, most recently at the intersection of knowledge transfer and political education. Throughout my work, I have been occupied with one thing in particular: the confrontation of and fight against injustice. Whatever I do, my work is informed by an awareness of power relations and a sense of justice.

Bystander in/action, human rights, and the access to justice for all – these issues have shaped my work as a freelance journalist for various Austrian media outlets and informed my political activism. In Vienna, I co-founded several initiatives and organizations at the intersection of law, politics, and civil society before moving to Brussels in 2015. As a political advisor in the European Parliament, I had the opportunity to experience the legislative process first-hand. I got to see how lobbyism works, what is necessary to build alliances for a critical parliamentary majority, and which forces are at work in and around the legislative process. Importantly, Brussels taught me how power works – and how it can be abused. Together with my colleagues, I founded a feminist network to counter the instances of power abuse we experienced ourselves. As a workshop leader, I recognized my own stories in the seminars that feminists from all over the world attended, and realized that all these stories had something in common, followed certain patterns, escalated along the same lines. The product of this year-long work was It’s Not That Grey, an activist guide through the so-called grey area of sexual harassment. In 2020, the text was updated, translated and published as a book in German by the ÖGB-Verlag (the publishing house of the Austrian national trade union confederation): „Grauzonen gibt es nicht“.

The power of coming forward with one's own story would stay with me: as mainstream media in Europe did not allow space for authentic representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) like me, I decided to take matters – and the microphone – into my own hands. As a podcast producer and presenter, I contributed to making space for stories that ever too often went unheard. In/justice, abuse of/power and bystander intervention continue to accompany me on my path and will be an essential pillar of my future academic work in the US.