Thanks to my journalistic experience and my work in the European Parliament, one of my strong suits is communication of complex issues in a simple and accessible way. As a proficient lecturer, moderator, and workshop leader with experience in various international institutions, I develop interactive learning modules and training formats, individually tailored for diverse groups. I have worked with girls' rights associations and youth organizations, international institutions, universities and media companies.

This is what I do:

  • As an expert on gender-based violence in the form of sexual harassment and power abuse, I offer #metoo trainings, lectures, and workshops
  • I develop specific case studies, analyse patterns and factors for risk analyses, and work on preventative measures to counter power abuse
  • I offer qualitative and journalistic interviews
  • As a moderator, I offer workshop and event facilitation
  • professional moderation of various formats: Discussion rounds, artist talks, book presentations, political talks, academic debates
  • professional research and presentation of a wide range of topics (a selection of political and economic topics can be found here, a selection of topics from art and culture can be found here)
  • podcast production, moderation, and advising on how to create podcast formats
  • consulting, public relations and strategy
  • distribution of content via a broad network of international stakeholders in the field of politics, society, media, civil society, and NGOs