Thanks to my journalistic experience and my work in the European Parliament, I can move through various contexts, quickly identify core issues, and communicate in a clear, concise, and accessible way.

I have been working as a speaker, trainer and facilitator with various international organizations since 2019 - from girls' rights associations and youth organizations to international universities, political think tanks and media companies. As a proficient lecturer, moderator, and workshop leader with long-standing experience in various international institutions, I am apt at developing interactive learning modules and training formats. For my workshops, I tailor specific case studies for each organization. This allows participants in my seminars to get the most out of the learning experience by identifying warning signs in their own environment. 

My clientele is constantly evolving, so I can draw on experience from different contexts. I have extensive international experience in these areas and offer specific case studies based on my archive:

  • Political organizations: International politburos, foundations, think tanks, trade unions, political associations, NGOs
  • Journalism: media houses, publishing houses and editorial offices
  • Labour market organizations: Vocational education and training centers
  • Higher education: universities, further education institutions. Awareness-raising for students and teachers, prevention for HR.
    Activism and organizing: Informal learning contexts, activist groups, associations, non-profit organizations, NGOs

This is what I do:

  • As an expert on gender-based violence in the form of sexual harassment and power abuse, I offer #metoo trainings, lectures, and workshops
  • I develop specific case studies, analyse patterns and factors for risk analyses, and work on preventative measures to counter power abuse
  • professional moderation
  • consulting, public relations and strategy

I tailor my workshops to different target groups:

  • Prevention for leadership and human resources, in higher education: faculty
  • Recognizing warning signs for teams, in higher education: students
  • Capacity and strategy development for bystanders
  • Empowerment workshops for people affected by power abuse