I studied Comparative Literature and Psychology at the University of Vienna and UCL Université Catholique de Louvain (BE) in German, English, and French. Currently, I am enrolled at New York University's XE program as a Fulbright Austria scholar.

Work experience

2012 Co-initiator and campaigner of the anti-corruption and FOI initiative (today: Forum Informationsfreiheit) and

2014-2015 Freelance journalist and intern for various Austrian media outlets, including Wiener Zeitung, profil online,

2014 Co-initiator & co-chair of the association "amira - Menschenrechte in Aktion" (Human Rights in Action)

2015-2018 Political Advisor in the European Parliament

2015 Co-initiator of the feminist network "period Brussels", organisation, content design, seminar management

2016-2020 Co-organiser  momentum Congress

Since 2019 host and producer of the podcast "Warum eigentlich" for A&W magazine

Since 2019 Lecturer, consultant and workshop leader on the topic of abuse of power in general and sexual harassment in particular

2020-2021 co-curator of the event series "Be:Longing"; kültürgemma

2020-2021 Co-organiser of The European Feminist Platform, Heinrich Böll Foundation Brussels

2021- Fulbright Austria scholar at New York University

A selection of public presentations & moderations

September 2017 Track moderation: "Europa: In Vielfalt vereint?", momentum congress in Hallstatt

April 2019 Presentation of the book "It's not that grey"

October 2019 Presentation of "It's not that grey" for Equinet Europe

March 2021 A panel of the Dutch party Bij1 on "activism X parliamentary politics" - what happens when activists get into parliaments (from minute 50:00)?

April 2021 UNESCO workshop "Radical Diversity im Kultursektor".

Language skills

German - first language

English - fluent

French - fluent