#metoo workshops and lectures

I have worked on gender-based violence in the form of sexual harassment, psychological harassment, and power abuse since 2015. I have co-authored the activist guide “It’s not that grey” (2019) and the German book “Grauzonen gibt es nicht” (2020) and developed The Red Flag System, a multidimensional warning system to identify sexual harassment early on. This warning system works effectively by factoring in pervasive perpetrator behaviours, surrounding factors, bystander behaviours, and the ways in which victims react to dynamics of power abuse. Since 2019, I have worked as a consultant and lecturer on gender-based violence in the form of sexual harassment. I have collaborated with international universities and organisations of various scales, offering #metoo training and workshops to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and the many forms it takes. The goal of my work is to give people the tools to correctly identify the dynamics of harassment and power abuse to understand the conditions and factors that uphold these systems and effectively work against them.

My workshops and lectures address one of the building blocks of the European Commission's Gender Equality Plan Horizon Europe that renders European research funding contingent on measures against gender-based violence.